17th November, 2015

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Getting up close and personal with a Southern Leaf Tailed Gecko
Photo courtesy of Peter T

Wild Week

It has been an interesting week and I still am left with the feeling I could be doing more with my life. January 1st was a turning point for myself, I decided that I was to try and keep myself extremely busy. The reason behind that was to close out all the angst and emotions that drove myself to depression over the years. I have been trying to stay as busy as humanly possibly involving myself in as many wildlife rescues and releases I can as well as photographing as often as I can.

It all started with my first "herp" trip of the season. Unfortunately the weather Gods decided to put that to an end, I probably spent 30-40 minutes out at Mount Tamborine when the sky opened up. I decided to call it the night as it was torrential. I did find an adult female Southern Leaf Tailed Gecko (pictured above and also in my reptile GALLERY). 

Photography wise, I only went out once. I visited a local Gold Coast beach that has a small Crested Tern colony, Pied Oystercatchers with chick, Silver Gulls and a flock of Little Corella's that intermittently visit. I wasn't overly happy with my results that morning but I did come away with some nice Corella images which are found in my birds GALLERY.

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Juvenile Tawny Frogmouth, Juvenile Female Brown Goshawk, Juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk

Collared Sparrowhawk Feeding On Mouse

On the rescue and release front I've had 3 beautiful birds pass through. 

On Friday night, the RSCPA called me for a Boobook Owl that had suspected broken wing and/or foot and was straying onto a main road. I attended to scene to meet with a member of the public who was keeping an eye on it. It was not a Boobook as suspected but a Juvenile Tawny Frogmouth that had more than likely tried to fly from it's nest about a week or so too early. I did try to locate the nest but was unable to so I took it to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital the following morning to get it checked over. It was given the clean bill of health so I released it the following night. When I reached the release site, one parent was present so I knew it would be safe. I climbed a tree and placed it about 10-12 feet on a branch. 

The other two birds are raptors. The first is a female Brown Goshawk which was found by a member of the public in Brisbane grounded, being attacked by Crows. After spending some time at CWH she was good to go and I released in a park close to the location it was found as it was not suitable for a release site.

The second raptor was a juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk. This little guy was found on the ground at a Golf Course on Stradbroke Island and taken to CWH again. It was a ball of fluff when it came into care, feeding well and has been kept until it was flight bound. The good news is that, it's parents and 2 siblings have been located (Nest Site) and reunite is occurring tomorrow. I have kept the Sparrowhawk overnight and fed it a few mice so it has a nice full belly. I am meeting with the Stradbroke Island carer and he will reunite. I am a little devastated I can not attend due to work but I hope I can pop over and liase with the carer to maybe visit the location at a later date.

So this was the week that was. To those that continue to support me in both my photography and other ambitions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Matt :)

  • Esther Horton-Van Der Woude

    on November 17, 2015

    Great blog, beautiful images and great worthwhile work with the wildlife rescues! Thanks for sharing.

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