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Nocturnal Wildlife Tours

Join Faunagraphic as we head out after hours to discover the wonderful world South-East Queensland has to offer at night. Our tours cover Brisbane and the Gold Coast region (Sunshine Coast can be organised at an additional cost). We have a wonderful variety of nocturnal mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that are able to be seen at various times of the year. 

We can tailor make a nocturnal tour to suit your wildlife targets or provide a generalised tour for those just wanting to get outside and enjoy our nocturnal fauna.

$250 for up to 2 people
$40 extra per additional person (max 4 persons total)

  • Southern Greater Glider
  • Powerful Owls
  • Tyler's Tree Frog

Nocturnal Photography Tours

Faunagraphic offers TWO nocturnal wildlife photography options. Our first is "INTRODUCTION to NOCTURNAL PHOTOGRAPHY" and is a 3 hour course discussing camera gear (including lighting), techniques and camera settings, equipment needed for wildlife locating and most importantly ETHICAL nocturnal photography. This is best suited to those who are not familiar with nocturnal photography but are interested in acquiring the skillset needed to get that shot. 

Our second option "NOCTURNAL Photography HUNTS"  are for those who are more comfortable with their ability and are after specific photographic subjects. Many of our nocturnal species can be found all year round whilst some are more "active" at particular times of the year. So please feel free to contact us with your requests and we can let you know when the best times are to maximise sightings. 

Introduction to Nocturnal Photography (Max 2 people)

Nocturnal Photography Hunts
$250 for up to 2 people
$40 extra per additional person (max 4 persons total)

  • Papuan Frogmouth
  • Yellow-bellied Glider
  • Grey-headed Flying Fox

All tours run for approximately 4 hours.

Extension of these can be arranged at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

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