FNQ 2019 - Faunagraphic

FNQ 2019

7th - 14th December 2019 (8 Days)

  • Red-necked Crake
  • Spotted Whistling Duck
  • Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher

Join Faunagraphic and immerse yourself in one of the most unique locations in the world for spotting and photographing wildlife. The Wet Tropics of Queensland's Far North. During this whirlwind 8 day tour we visit the many ecosystems that are home for a myriad of wildlife such as rainforests, wetlands, river systems and coral reefs.

This tour covers birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. It is sure to cater to a wildlife lovers interests above and beyond any other tour available.

Pricing and Inclusions

$4995 per person TWIN SHARE

(Single Surcharge $500)

All Meals - All Accommodation
All National Park Entry Fees - All Guiding Fees
Great Barrier Reef Levies - Snorkelling Equipment - All Transfers


Flights to and from Cairns
Additional food or drink outside of set meals

  • Victoria's Riflebird
  • Musky Rat-kangaroo
  • Noisy Pitta


Day 1

The tour commences with a welcome lunch to discuss the week ahead and goals of the group. We then focus on some wetland species along with waders in the afternoon. Follow by our first nocturnal tour.

Highlights - Radjah Shelduck, Black Butcherbird, Endemic Honeyeaters, Waders, Papuan Frogmouth

Day 2

An early start to make our way to the Daintree River for a photography cruise. We then make our way to Julatten to target more endemics and breeding migrants. A nocturnal outing is optional for those who are not tired from the early rise.

Highlights - Spotted Whistling Duck, Azure Kingfisher, Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Red-necked Crake, Noisy Pitta, White-lipped Tree Frog

Day 3

We explore the Julatten and Mt Lewis regions for the entire day. This includes some local waterholes, rainforests at elevation and a nocturnal tour on Mt. Lewis. This day is open to movement due to our proximity to our targets.

Highlights - Great Bowerbird, Tooth-billed Bowerbird, Fernwren, Chowchilla, Boyd's Forest Dragon, Daintree River Ringtail Possum, Lesser Sooty Owl, White-browed Crake

Day 4

Spend your final moments in Julatten targeting species that you may have missed. From here we begin to make our way towards the Atherton Tablelands. Opportunities to photograph mammals and birds in transit. We arrive on the Tablelands where will be based for next few days. Afternoon is relaxed before we depart for our nocturnal tour targeting endemic mammals and owls. 

Highlights - Mareeba Rock-wallaby, Squatter Pigeon, Victoria's Riflebird, Spotted Catbird, Red Boobook, Lesser Sooty Owl, Striped Possum, Green Ringtail Possum

  • Papuan Frogmouth
  • Southern Cassowary
  • Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo
  • White-lipped Tree Frog
  • Striped Possum & Sugar Gliders

Day 5

The day is spent on the Atherton Tablelands targeting Tree-kangaroo and wet tropics endemics. Keep your eyes peeled from Scrub Pythons, Boyds Forest Dragons and small marsupials at Crater Lakes whilst searching for a prehistoric marsupial. Another nocturnal tour awaits searching for endemic possums, gliders and owls.

Highlights - Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo, Bower's Shrike-thrush, Grass Owl, Yellow-bellied Glider, Herbert River Ringtail Possum

Day 6

We leave the Atherton Tablelands and make our way towards Kuranda where we hope to come in contact with a bird that belongs in the Jurassic Park films. A short nocturnal tour is also available to search for some endangered amphibians. 

Highlights - Southern Cassowary, Musky Rat-kangaroo, Double-eyed Fig-parrot, Myola Tree Frog

Day 7

We leave Kuranda and make our way back to Cairns where we revisit sites and also some new locations to target birds we have missed and have not seen due to location. We have a specialist nocturnal session targeting endemic amphibians and reptiles and hope to bump into some pygmy possums.

Highlights - Crimson Finch, Mangrove Robin, Rufous Owl, Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko, Waterfall Frog, Long-tailed Pygmy Possum, Black Bittern

Day 8

We finish the tour the best way possible! The Great Barrier Reef awaits you as we jump onboard a boat and head out onto the Reef. We first visit Michaelmas Cay where, large numbers of seabirds breed followed by a visit to a large reef atoll to snorkel or scuba dive with Sea turtles, Manta Rays and a plethora of marine life.

Highlights - Frigatebirds, Boobies, Breeding Noddy and Tern colonies, Green Sea Turtle, Manta Ray

  • Orange-thighed Tree Frog
  • Northern Leaf Tailed Gecko
  • Boyds Forest Dragon
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